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Sun, youth, warm wind.. beautiful people and limpid water; this is how I’ve spent my croatian summer 2013 :) Great thanks to Jamil Abduli and Searockers.

Produced by Searockers; Directed and Edited by Leonardo Dalessandri; 

Music: “Happy endings” by Faul;


This place, Morocco!

Hello, Abriola.
Hello, Abriola.

Hello, Abriola.

"Abriola. Inspiring Beauty" -  Agamedes Soc Coop

There are places where time seems to stand still, where the little things make you happy. 
Emotion and feelings of nostalgia … you can experience all of this and much more in this video which is dedicated to a wonderful village in Basilicata, ABRIOLA. 
This is a loving tribute from the ” Agamede soc. coop.” to this village where Saint Valentine is the Patron Saint, the patron of love. Enjoy

Shooting a video in Basilicata.
Shooting a video in Basilicata.

Shooting a video in Basilicata.

Walking through the streets of Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes el Bali and Casablanca.. taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful place. I just wish my camera had shown the true beauty of Morocco. Big thanks to Silvia delle Grottaglie. THANKS TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WERE THERE WITH US AND LET US SHOOT THIS VIDEO.

Music: “Grand Pianola Music” by John Adams

Musei nel Piatto (Museums are served). A project on gastronomic museums in Emilia Romagna for

Puglia (IT)

MUSIC: “Spring” by Ilya
Graphic designer: Bernardo Mauro Di Giorgio
Special thanks to Andrea Gualano

Music: “The carnival is over” by Dead Can Dance.

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